Since 1996 we have been delivering a unique service to our clients & their families, with Branches in the Northwest & Limpopo Region. We pride ourselves with being one of the LEADERS in the Funeral Industry, delivering a wide range of services to the public. Funerals, Cremations, Repatriations & Exhumations are only a few of the services we offer our clients.

Our Tombstones are manufactured from a very high quality material to insure a quality product to our clients. We also have a wide range of Funeral Policies available to the public to suite every individuals need. Our Policies are underwritten by Prosperity Life.

We are also proud members of the National Funeral Directors Association of South Africa (NFDA) and a registered FSP.

Be Assured, at ECONO Funerals cc only THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH.

We Believe In Making Positive Change

ECONO is committed to make positive change in the market through the delivery of continuous service excellence, to achieve this we make our clients feel valued by making a positive change in their lives.  ECONO provides a professional, efficient and cost effective Burial Service aimed at the alleviation of grief of our customers suffered during the loss of a loved one. 

We strive to be leaders in our field of business through:

1. Regular consultation with our customers.

2. Ensuring a high standard of service by the development of Individual’s job related skills.

3. Providing an equal opportunity for the advancement of all members of staff.

4. Effective communication with all members of staff.

5. Fostering a climate of co-operation, team work and mutual respect.

6. Remaining ahead in the Funeral Industry by keeping up to date with the relevant aspects of research and development. Which will provide a satisfying and rewarding career to all our staff.

Service providers for

1. Group burial associations (GBA)

2. uasa

3. OAC (Old Apostolic Church)

Our code of conduct

In the full realization that funeral directing is an essential public service, we, as members of the National Funeral Directors Association of Southern Africa, solemnly pledge ourselves to conduct our business with honour and dignity and to this we agree

1. To act in the interest of all who need our service

2. To respect all religions and to treat personal information as strictly confidential.

3. To treat every deceased with care and respect and to take all due precautions in regard to health regulations.

4. To charge reasonable rates for service rendered and not to exploit bereaved families.

5. To be responsible in advertising and to refrain from soliciting and corruption

6. To maintain high ethical standards in our relationships with the public as well as other Funeral directors.

7. To be loyal to our Industry and Clients